Day of Rest: 4 of Swords + the Hanged Man

It’s a funny thing, but the cards seem to be agreeing with each other over what I should do with myself each day, and it seems like they have some good ideas. I’m writing this post from a place of hindsight — yesterday was the Day of Rest, and it’s come and gone. I went out for errands at noon and did a lot of walking and shopping in the heat. Return to my apartment, and only an hour or so later, I develop a headache. Headaches are tricky things for me, and have to be carefully controlled and treated lest they suddenly expand into a migraine, so I was forced to rest even more for the rest of the afternoon and evening.

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I’m a big fan of personalized card interpretations, and of reader interpretations that vary by deck — rather, by the images in a deck. But I’ve not done much of that to date. I’ve also been remiss in my memorization of my card meanings — I still often refer to the supplementary materials for card meanings (oops). But I do own Learning the Tarot by Joan Bunning, and some of her exercises for getting to know the Tarot cards strongly appeals to me.

I’ve taken the liberty of combining the exercise in 1.2, reading a card based on the image only and with no knowledge of the traditional meanings, with exercise 5.1, picking a daily card and reading its information page thoroughly each day. Lets call them ‘acquaintances’. Each day, I’ll pick one card from each deck I own — that’s the Book of Azathoth Tarot and the XIII Tarot right now, to be joined by the Cosmos Tarot as soon as it finishes shipping to me. Two to three cards a day — I think this is reasonable.


Return, With a New Deck

So I’ve been gone for a long time. Lots of stuff has been happening, and I didn’t quite have the opportunity to catch my mind up with it until recently. I’m still not totally caught up, and it’s a little bit too hot for me to finish the jog just yet. But the heat wave is supposed to break, so I suppose the catching up will come, too.

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Book of Azathoth Tarot: Deck Interview

(Originally posted to tumblr 2016 April 2.)

Immediately after my XIII interview, I felt energized and more than ready to tackle another reading. However, this time I interviewed my Book of Azathoth deck, something I’ve never done before. Nevertheless, the late date does not change the fact that I’ve been working with and reading this deck for a year and a half now. I already have some sense of its character and its personality, so I’ll describe that here.

Book of Azathoth incorporates a lot of stereotypically ‘dark’ imagery, much of it directly influenced by the Lovecraftian tradition of cosmic horror. Despite this, I’ve always found the deck to give off a gentle, calming, and welcoming feeling… when I read it for myself. Nevertheless, it can become an incredibly angry and caustic deck, and it seems to do this when I try to read for others. It’s fine with me asking it questions primarily focused on other individuals, but as soon as the questioner becomes not-me, it begins to sass and gives exceedingly obtuse readings. After a few tries I gave up on reading for others using it – not difficult, since I never had many opportunities or desire to do that anyway. But the deck has always treated me with respect and courtesy, and I’ve had a good and companionable relationship with it.

With that in mind, I’ll proceed to describe the cards it gave to me.

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