Cosmos Tarot/Oracle: First Glance

Now, this deck is an interesting creature. When I ordered it, I was expecting a tarot deck and an oracle deck, with a little guidebook. I got the guidebook as expected, but what I got was… not a tarot and oracle deck. It was one huge oracle deck with a strong astrological and elemental bent, and secondary card numbering and naming based off the traditional structure of tarot for 78 of its cards. That is: we have Fire, Air, Water, and Earth 1-10 each, and each with Page, Knight, Queen, and King. We have roman numeral O-XXI, each named also with the traditional corresponding Major Arcana cards. In addition to these cards named after traditional tarot, we have arabic numeral 1-22. 1-22 are much more freeform cards, and are the ones that do not correspond to constellations, but are named after the planets and other cosmological entities.

I am not sure if the intent was to make the deck this way. Given that it is marketed specifically as a tarot and oracle deck, I have to assume that it was designed to be a tarot deck. I would like to be very clear when I say that I do not consider this to be a proper tarot deck, and I therefore offer the following warning: If you just want a tarot deck, then this deck is not for you.

With that out of the way, there is more review under the cut.

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