New Century Tarot: Second Glance

I am home, in my parents’ house. And while I am here, buried deep in the back of my closet, I have dug out that elusive First But Not Really tarot deck I keep mentioning on this blog. And now I finally, finally know its name.

Say hello to the New Century tarot.

Somehow, my second excursion into this deck, with the experience of working with other decks for a while, and a greater appreciation of tarot, has given me a different outlook. I don’t feel animosity as great anymore, not by far. It’s not a deck that is generally one I would like — but it is mine, and I own it, because it was gifted to me. I will be interviewing it. I won’t be describing my reactions the cards — there’s not much to see. Though the Hanged Man did catch my eye, being apparently on fire.

Now, as I lay out the cards, I check out the book that came in the set. And, in all honesty — I have to ask. Is Leanna Greenaway out of her fucking mind?

This book is banal. It’s unimaginative. It has no connection to the greater universal archetypes and themes, the Fool’s Journey, that are found in most of the tarot resources that I have learned from. The meanings are so trivial and so dogmatic that I have a hard time believing that she knows jack shit about tarot cards, despite claiming to have practiced with them for years.

I toss the book and go by intuition alone. It’s actually quite easy to do for this deck. The pip cards nevertheless have illustrations on them which allow me to read their meanings, and the majors and court cards have full illustrations.

The Reading

1) Tell me about yourself. What’s your most important characteristic?

The Hanged Man: This deck prefers to deeply contemplate an issue before approaching a solution, which may come from an unexpected angle. It is very patient.

2) What are your strengths as a deck?

Seven of Pentacles: The New Century tarot is a hard and perseverant worker.

3) What are your limits as a deck?

Three of Swords: The deck has been emotionally traumatized, and will get lonely sometimes. It may also have trouble reaching out to me.

A note: I took this card, in this position, to reference the way it was left in a closet for two years. Oops. I’m sorry, deck.

4) What are you here to teach me?

Two of Pentacles: You must learn how to balance your fun with your work.

5) How can I best learn and collaborate with you?

Queen of Cups: You will need to get more in touch with your emotional self. Self-examination will be helpful in getting you through this.

A note: This card is actually the one that I, literally just yesterday, figured was probably my girlfriend’s significator. She is also a very water-oriented person, and tends to be more emotionally smart than I am, but I doubt I can simply turn to her for change — it wouldn’t be fair to her, nor would it make much sense. So I interpreted this card as referring not to a person, but to quiet mastery and contemplation of the suit characteristics.

6) What is the potential outcome of our working relationship?

The High Priestess: Through your contemplation, and my guidance, you may gain a better intuition into yourself and how you work. This will aid you in your future endeavors in scholarship and work.


This deck feels a little damaged to me. I suspect it’s because of the excursion my past self of two years ago had it take into the closet, which I do regret now. It was a little cruel, but on the other hand, the tarot decks are inanimate objects. I believe I now can lay a finger on what exactly poisoned the relationship between me and the New Century tarot, and it was Leanna Greenaway’s damn book. That book was, fortunately, not the first impression tiny Abyss (that’s me) got of tarot cards and the practice of tarot. If it had been, I expect I would have abandoned the cards permanently. Now that’s not really an excuse for why I left this deck in the closet, but it is an explanation for why I dismissed them so out of hand.

The lack of knowledge of how I personally best work and respond to situations has definitely been my downfall in the past. I’ve learned to work on it, but I’m willing and even eager to face those challenges with this tarot deck. Also notably, this deck is the humblest of the lot that I own, accompanied only by Azathoth. My other decks all tend to be both sassy and overconfident.

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