Updated Deck Wishlist

I’m a nerd and I get myself into situations of deck lust far too often for my health (and the health of my wallet). There are just so many possible deck options out there, and as I delve deeper into the various tarot blogs and online communities, I find more and more that I might want to take a closer look at. A word of advice to any who think that they’re ‘picky’ about their decks: Don’t only browse on Aeclectic Tarot! You’ll miss out on a vast number of wonderful, interesting self-published and indie decks that are more than worth a second glance. I certainly did at first.

For purposes of recordkeeping, I’m going to be including a short little list of decks I also own.

My Decks

Some Rider-Waite-esque Picasso bullshit – Shamefully, I don’t know the name of this deck, probably cause I never really used it, and therefore I can’t give a link to it. It was given to me as a gift, and came as part of a beginning tarot set called Simply Tarot that I got in middle school.

Book of Azathoth Tarot – The first deck I bought for myself. My copy is the first-edition version. There’s also a book about the deck in production, so I’ll be looking to collect that when it comes out.

XIII Tarot – My second deck, and one I really, really connect with. Supposedly not for beginners or inexperienced readers, but I haven’t found it at all difficult to use or understand. So….

Decks I’ve Bought (but not Received)

Cosmos Tarot + Oracle Deck – Third self-bought deck. Should be coming within three days, so expect a review and deck interview when it does! This one comes in a box set with the two card decks and a book, which will be lovely to have.

Shadowscapes Tarot – Fourth deck self-bought. This one will be coming in about a week, but sadly I’ll probably be in France when it comes, so… I’ll have to wait until August to take a peek. Until then, it’ll have to wait in my post box. Excitingly, I was able to get the combo book and deck from eBay for only $24, so money was definitely saved there, and I’ll have another book to go into my collection.

Decks I Will Have (One Way or the Other)

Barbieri Tarot

Earthbound Oracle

Raven’s Prophecy Tarot

Royo Dark Tarot

Question Decks

Wild Unknown Tarot – Expensive, but probably worth it.

Prisma Visions Tarot – Also expensive. I’m not 100% sold on The Lovers or Strength from this deck, but I adore the rest of the major keys, and the whole minor arcana is great. 10/10 fond of the Strawberries card.

Wooden Tarot – I love this artist, and his Earthbound Oracle is a must-own for me, but the inappropriate (to my mind) labeling of the minor suites in this particular tarot deck jars me, and seriously depreciates the deck’s value.

Tarot of the Silicon Dawn – After looking through the cards again on Egypt Urnash’s website, I don’t think I’m likely to be buying it — but I probably will be getting a print of the Death card, which was the main reason I went to consider this deck in the first place.

Numinous Tarot – Not a completed deck, but what I’ve seen of the artist’s completed card art so far it looks quite promising. I’ll be checking up on it when it’s finished and ready to go to crowdfunding.


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