I’m a big fan of personalized card interpretations, and of reader interpretations that vary by deck — rather, by the images in a deck. But I’ve not done much of that to date. I’ve also been remiss in my memorization of my card meanings — I still often refer to the supplementary materials for card meanings (oops). But I do own Learning the Tarot by Joan Bunning, and some of her exercises for getting to know the Tarot cards strongly appeals to me.

I’ve taken the liberty of combining the exercise in 1.2, reading a card based on the image only and with no knowledge of the traditional meanings, with exercise 5.1, picking a daily card and reading its information page thoroughly each day. Lets call them ‘acquaintances’. Each day, I’ll pick one card from each deck I own — that’s the Book of Azathoth Tarot and the XIII Tarot right now, to be joined by the Cosmos Tarot as soon as it finishes shipping to me. Two to three cards a day — I think this is reasonable.


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