XIII Tarot: Deck Interview

(Originally posted to tumblr 2016 April 2.)

As promised, here’s my deck interview with my XIII deck. The deck interview spread was recommended to me as a good idea for a first reading, and I ended up completely agreeing. I have a better sense of both my decks now that I’ve indulged, and I feel more connected with both of them.

Now, the thing about the Deck Interview spread is that it comes with 6 questions, but I couldn’t find a canonical spread pattern – so I ended up making my own concept. I might post about that spread design and its specifics later, but it’s not terribly important for this post.

The Reading

1) Tell me about yourself. What’s your most important characteristic?

Nine of Wands, reversed: XIII is a highly defensive deck. It tends to be cautious and paranoid, perhaps overly so, when approaching a reading or situation.

2) What are your strengths as a deck?

Two of Wands: This deck is not afraid to come right out and say what it means, and it will do so with boldness. It approaches problems unusually, leading to unexpected and original insights in its answers.

3) What are your limits as a deck?

Ace of Wands: XIII may find it difficult to focus in on the main issue, perhaps going off on unexpected tangents (see Two of Wands). It may also suggest things very impulsively, and combined with Nine of Wands(Rv), this leads it to make snap judgements regularly.

4) What are you here to teach me?

Page of Cups: It’s time to stop being so closed off and to become more intimate with those around you. Give your intuition more exercise than it gets.

5) How can I best learn and collaborate with you?

Knight of Swords: Just do it. You are being aloof, clinical, and objective, but you don’t have to be.

6) What is the potential outcome of our working relationship?

Ace of Pentacles: Learn to trust your instincts, and those around you, and you will become more grounded in the real world, and more able to better yourself and your position.


The XIII Tarot is temperamental, and it has feelings about a lot of things. First of all, I instantly noticed to dominance of the wands suite on the deck’s personality and characteristics. It’s a very energetic set of cards that’s quick to judge and is incredibly blunt. It is a ‘Just Do It’ deck, a lá Shia LaBeouf’s infamous meme video. The Page of Cups and Knight of Swords in positions (4-5) show off this tendency beautifully. Not only are their meanings jarringly clear (I knew instantly what each was referring to in regards to my own self), but there is a ‘just do it’ sense to each card. Knight of Swords, well, obvious, though I feel it also refers to me, as a person, pointing more directly at my personal tendencies to be clinical, aloof, and objective in an almost accusing fashion. It doesn’t help that I sometimes associate myself with this card, and with the swords suite in general. More interestingly, in the XIII deck the Page of Cups is depicted standing right on the precipice of a cliff, looking down into the abyss below, where nothing is visible but emptiness. There’s the sense of an impending jump – ‘just do it’. Dive in.

Overall, XIII is impulsive, judgmental, and blunt, but so am I, and I felt incredibly energized after working with it. I feel like I’m going to get along splendidly with this deck.

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