Tarot Deck Wishlist

Because I have fairly picky tastes but there are a lot of tarot decks out there.

Barbieri Tarot

This is without a doubt the next deck I am going to get, when I feel able to spend on it. I almost did get it recently, but XIII won that battle because the latter deck spoke to me just a little bit more.

Wild Unknown Tarot

I actually found this deck by accident — a fellow student in two of my classes uses it, and she had it out one day during class, so I wound up checking it out. Its illustrations are gorgeous and nicely minimalistic, and all the cards I have strong feelings about are pretty well represented.

HR Giger Tarot (Baphomet Tarot)

This one is more of a pipe dream, given the price of even a used version of the deck. I doubt I would use it much for readings, either, given that it only includes the major arcana, but I want it just because of the glory of Giger’s artwork.


There are also some decks that I’m mildly interested in, but that I’m not quite sure I would buy if the chance arose.

Prisma Visions Tarot

This deck has a great color scheme and really enchanting impressionistic art style, with no card borders, which appeals to me. Still, I’m not 100% sold on the depictions of the Lovers and Strength in this deck, which are two of my main Deal Maker or Breaker cards when deck-shopping.

Wooden Tarot

I love this art style too, and the replacement of the Aces with Gods is a good sell. I quibble with the canonical designation of the suites, though. According to the author, Bones replace Pentacles, Stones replace Wands, Blooms replace cups, and Plumes replace Swords. Personally I would see much more sense calling it as Bones replacing Swords, Stones replacing Pentacles, Blooms replacing Cups, and Plumes replacing Wands, and if I ever do get the deck, I’m likely to read it that way.

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