Book of Azathoth Tarot: Deck Interview

(Originally posted to tumblr 2016 April 2.)

Immediately after my XIII interview, I felt energized and more than ready to tackle another reading. However, this time I interviewed my Book of Azathoth deck, something I’ve never done before. Nevertheless, the late date does not change the fact that I’ve been working with and reading this deck for a year and a half now. I already have some sense of its character and its personality, so I’ll describe that here.

Book of Azathoth incorporates a lot of stereotypically ‘dark’ imagery, much of it directly influenced by the Lovecraftian tradition of cosmic horror. Despite this, I’ve always found the deck to give off a gentle, calming, and welcoming feeling… when I read it for myself. Nevertheless, it can become an incredibly angry and caustic deck, and it seems to do this when I try to read for others. It’s fine with me asking it questions primarily focused on other individuals, but as soon as the questioner becomes not-me, it begins to sass and gives exceedingly obtuse readings. After a few tries I gave up on reading for others using it – not difficult, since I never had many opportunities or desire to do that anyway. But the deck has always treated me with respect and courtesy, and I’ve had a good and companionable relationship with it.

With that in mind, I’ll proceed to describe the cards it gave to me.

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XIII Tarot: Deck Interview

(Originally posted to tumblr 2016 April 2.)

As promised, here’s my deck interview with my XIII deck. The deck interview spread was recommended to me as a good idea for a first reading, and I ended up completely agreeing. I have a better sense of both my decks now that I’ve indulged, and I feel more connected with both of them.

Now, the thing about the Deck Interview spread is that it comes with 6 questions, but I couldn’t find a canonical spread pattern – so I ended up making my own concept. I might post about that spread design and its specifics later, but it’s not terribly important for this post.

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XIII Tarot: First Glance

(Originally posted to tumblr 2016 April 1.)

So yesterday I got my second* tarot deck, the XIII Tarot. So far, I haven’t done much with it but examine the cards and get a feel for their imagery, but I thought it would be interesting to make a post recording my experience before I did my first reading with it. So here you go.

*Technically speaking, I actually own three decks. One of them is the slightly geometric, Picasso-esque re-imagining of the Rider Waite deck that comes with the Simply Tarot box set by Leanna Greenway, which I got as a Christmas present from my parents sometime in middle school. I never connected with that deck to any degree, and I don’t really consider it ‘mine’ for this reason.

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